What do you collect?

Discussion in 'Beer Memorabilia' started by BrewHeads, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. NordeastBrewer77

    NordeastBrewer77 32nd Degree Beer Wolf

    Damn dude!!!
  2. dcxmike

    dcxmike New Member

    Beer glasses.
    Started with some cool German barware.
    Lots of pints and hefeweizen
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  3. BoozeFan

    BoozeFan New Member

    I have a collection of:
    - beer signs/tins/mirrors/light-ups
    - beer glasses and steins
    - growlers
    - LPs
    - of course beer and I save all caps
  4. Pasta_Fazool

    Pasta_Fazool Premium Member

    I don't really consider it a collection as I actively use them, but I've got a pretty decent glassware collection. Mostly places I've been to, items in trades, or occasional gifts from folks that have attended breweries to which I haven't been. Trillium, Tree House, 3 Floyds, Jackie O's, O'so, Voodoo, Surly, Grain Belt, Burnt Hickory, Hoppin Frog, Monday Night, Wicked Weed (before the sale!), St. Arnold's, Sweetwater, and a couple more I "collected" before I started getting the good stuff. (Very surprised I don't have anything Fat Heads.)
  5. Angie

    Angie Administrator

    That sounds neat that you have a collection that friends can reference when they want to bring you back something from their travels. Maybe you should be working on not having that Fat Heads mug.