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Oklahoma craft beer festival, bricktown

Discussion in 'South Central USA' started by tulsabrewdaddy, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. tulsabrewdaddy

    tulsabrewdaddy New Member

    Saturday may 19th. $35 tickets

    Hoping to get to go but not sure yet.
  2. 40watt

    40watt New Member

    I'm gonna try to do this. I would like to see craft beer become big enough in OK to force changes in our liquor laws. Specifically, lack of refrigeration in liquor stores.
  3. tulsabrewdaddy

    tulsabrewdaddy New Member

    Amen! We just shot down a proposal to give samples at the end of brewery tours, stupid!!!,
  4. 40watt

    40watt New Member

    Wow. I didn't even know that. The big three have a field day in Oklahoma. Everything is set up for their domination of the market. I was hoping with an election coming up, somebody might sneak a ballot initiative into the mix.
  5. AvgWhiteGuy

    AvgWhiteGuy @Beer_Fanatic

    I went to the inaugural last year as my parents live in OK and it was pretty good. Still got some growing to do as a beer fest but had a pretty decent selection and a decent turnout for the first session. Wish I could go this year and support my native state as they try to push past the oppressive beer laws.
  6. DangerRoss

    DangerRoss Member

    I have a friend going to dental school in OKC. Any recommendations of places to go while down visiting?