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Noble Brewer will buy you a Box of Beer!

Discussion in 'General Beer Discussion' started by TxBrew, May 12, 2015.

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  1. adamranders

    adamranders New Member

    in! thanks Noble Brewer
  2. rolandblais

    rolandblais New Member

  3. smokinop

    smokinop New Member

    Would love to taste these beers! Thanks.
  4. namyarb3

    namyarb3 Drunken GarbageMan

    In in in.
    Awesome promotion guys!
  5. Freddyj123

    Freddyj123 New Member

    Welcome Noble, hope that I win so that I can sample your tasty offering!
  6. infielders3

    infielders3 New Member

    Noble Brewer, It's great to meet you. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with your beer!

    FUGIFINO New Member

    I'm ready to try some great beer!
  8. enderst

    enderst New Member

    Can't pass up a beer
  9. amstaffbrew

    amstaffbrew New Member

    I'm in! This is a awesome idea. Good luck everyone

    I'm in! Great idea
  10. TyC

    TyC Head Brewer @ Brothers Cascadia Brewing

    Wow awesome! I want in for sure. :)
  11. msherretz

    msherretz Homebrew Store Owner

    I'm in and will be looking for their bottles locally.
  12. Jsmtg32

    Jsmtg32 New Member

  13. flubbyw

    flubbyw New Member

    Sounds like a cool prize. Good luck everyone!
  14. thomaspwrs

    thomaspwrs New Member

    Noble contestant

    It's always good to get to know a new Brewer. Count me in!
  15. soulsuit

    soulsuit New Member

    I like beer, tho.
  16. Lipschitz

    Lipschitz New Member

    Free beer...count me in!
  17. Mad4sax

    Mad4sax New Member

  18. LemonJelly

    LemonJelly Member

    can't turn down a chance for free beer..
  19. dbillingsby

    dbillingsby New Member

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Not open for further replies.