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Mods and tracking

Discussion in 'Beer Trading' started by BrewSauce, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. BrewSauce

    BrewSauce Brewer of the Sauce

    Hey all,

    I actually have traded on both BA and /r/beertrade and I prefer the later as they keep a spreadsheet of usernames and what not to make sure that all trades are legit and you get points for every successful trade that takes place and helps people who are new to trading feel better about sending trade (almost like on ebay its better to buy from someone with a lot of feedback and proof of good business versus a first time seller).

    I wonder if the Mods would be open to doing the same thing here? I would be more than willing to volunteer as a mod for this thread and help to keep things clean if it was something that everyone thought was a good idea.

  2. OCBeerSociety

    OCBeerSociety New Member

    I prefer RateBeer because it allows you to give trade feedback after each one is completed... Plus I find there is almost no 'BA BS'
  3. TxBrew

    TxBrew Administrator Staff Member

    I could setup a trader rating system real easy.
  4. BrewSauce

    BrewSauce Brewer of the Sauce

    Ive never traded via RateBeer but have actually done BA and /r/beertrade (which I think is the best).

    TxBrew do you think that would be something that could be done? I know that keeping track of it can be cumbersome but give the fact that I work behind a computer if you need any help with this section I would be more than willing to try and get rules and what not going. Just an offer :)
  5. DoubleAught

    DoubleAught New Member

    Looks like the rating system is up, looks good!
  6. BrewSauce

    BrewSauce Brewer of the Sauce

    I saw that yesterday and so far it looks awesome!! Im hoping people can take it serious and help others in need of beers obtain them :)
  7. TxBrew

    TxBrew Administrator Staff Member

    Glad you like it!