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Regional looking for a specific beer

Discussion in 'North East USA' started by rediknight, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. rediknight

    rediknight New Member

    this past January I went to the CNY brewfest. So many amazing choices, but 1 really stuck out to me, it was a sour peach beer, really heavy on the sour. Surprised me, being that my tastes tend to run in the dark, malty, and bitter. So I was wondering if anyone out there might know what it was, or something similar to try?
  2. sj3324

    sj3324 Super Moderator

    What brewery? I'm going to guess Smuttynose Smoked Peach Short Weiss.
  3. rediknight

    rediknight New Member

    it wasn't smutty, had already been by their table. Though if the flavor sounds similar I'll have to try that, thanks. I know I asked who the brewery was, but, well, I sampled a lot. If it helps at all, the tap was peach\orange, writing in green letters that looked kinda like vines.
  4. BeerFernt

    BeerFernt New Member

    The top and perhaps most notable peach sour in the NE comes from Allagash Brewing Company. Its called Farm to Face. Very sought after. Currently very rare as they are not making it this year. They only use local resources; especially when dealing with fruit to avoid freezing it. Last spring the weather got nice early and the trees began to bud and then the weather went back to freezing and it killed the premature buds yielding no peach crop so they were unable to produce the beer for 2017. Side note: I do have some if you're interested in trading.