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long term beer storage

Discussion in 'General Beer Discussion' started by shaff01, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. shaff01

    shaff01 New Member

    What on you do in terms of storing a good beer long term? I am sure many of us would love to have a "beer cellar" but that my not be practical... What solutions have you come up with?
  2. funetical

    funetical New Member

    I haven't. In fact I've lost beer going in and out of the fridge due to space.

    I know if you're not going to drink it right then and there and have to store it for a while a moderately cool place with not a lot of light works best. Like a wash room or utility room.
  3. BroncoBob

    BroncoBob New Member

    We have a closet located in the central part of our house, far away from outside walls that is our desiganted aging closet. We spend most of are time in the upstairs part of our home, so we keep the downstairs part at 68 degrees.
    It has worked well over the years for beer aging. Currently aging a Belgian Tripple which seems to be best when aged at least 6 months.
  4. GrantH

    GrantH New Member

    I personally have 6 "shoe" shelves that hold about 24 bottles each that I keep mine in. it's close up an outside wall but completely dark.
  5. punkrockdave

    punkrockdave New Member

    I have a nice closet underneath the stairs that works really well in theory. Beer never lasts that long around here.
  6. Shua

    Shua New Member

    Parents have a big concrete garage closet that is 1/2 way underground which works great for storing/aging beer. Stays pretty constant temp year round ~55-65. I always call it my "beer cellar", currently has a few bottles of commercial brews and roughly 25 gallons of homebrew fermenting/aging in it.
  7. BeerChick

    BeerChick Beer Chick

    I stored it in my linen closet, center of house, no light and cool... no longer a linen closet as the beer storage has taken over, now it is simply the "Beer Closet". :D
  8. dplittle

    dplittle Beer Consigliere

    When we built our house (which is on a pretty steep grade), I had the chance to design the basement. The room in the back that is completely underground is my beer cellar/fermentation room. I try to keep it as close to 60-65 deg F as possible. In it I have several Gorilla shelves full of my barleywine/Belgian/Imperial collection. There is also a fridge for chilling IPAs that aren't getting long-term storage. The next upgrade is to bring in a separate cooling/humidity control unit to keep it at peak condition.
  9. BrewSauce

    BrewSauce Brewer of the Sauce

    I do my best, given the temps in FL, to keep only beers I know that will age decently well stored in a close in the coldest room. It sucks cause the temp is usually around 72 - 74 which is higher than normal but with that said I do intend to consume most of my beers over the next 2 -3 years or until I get find a solution to keep 30 - 40 bottles at around 55 - 60 degree sooon.
  10. bigkahunabrew

    bigkahunabrew New Member

    I have a few Rubbermaid shelves in the basement. It's about 70 in the summer, 38 or so in the winter!
    It is what it is, and it's why my cellar beers will be unique!
  11. wpbumgarner

    wpbumgarner Senior Member

    Yall all have more will power than me!! I do good to keep a beer for longer than a day. But I have actual set back a BORIS Oatmeal Porter to see what happens.
  12. NordeastBrewer77

    NordeastBrewer77 32nd Degree Beer Wolf

    I keep my "cellared" beer (commercial or home brew) on shelves in the basement, near the crawlspace entrance. Not ideal, but there's a year 'round draft from the crawl that keeps at decent temps. I also have the top shelf of my kegerator and the bottom shelf of the kitchen fridge dedicated to beer. I keep the home brew where ever I have space; a good amount of bottles go upstairs while conditioning, kegs that aren't in the kegerator are stored near the crawlspace. I came across a few 12ers while cleaning the front room closet the other day.
  13. Ed.A

    Ed.A Active Member

    I 've had this happen a few times....kinda like Christmas morning ;-)
  14. Beersponge

    Beersponge Cheesehead Extrordinaire

    Living in Wisconsin we all have basements here. Mine stays around 58 degrees year round. Currently have about 15 or so bombers and a couple of sixers down there. Question - is it better to store standing up or laying down? does cork or cap make any difference?
  15. skeezerpleezer

    skeezerpleezer Super Moderator

    Standing up. No.
  16. bigkahunabrew

    bigkahunabrew New Member

    I store them all standing, including corks. Makes less mess with sediment and provides less surface area for o2 to touch the beer. I've never had a cork dry out and fall off yet, so I suppose that's not a big deal!
  17. NordeastBrewer77

    NordeastBrewer77 32nd Degree Beer Wolf

    I've always heard that beer stands, wine lays down. I keep all mine standing on shelves.
  18. Beersponge

    Beersponge Cheesehead Extrordinaire

    Great, guess I've been doing it right all along. Thanks