Lobotomy Bock

Discussion in 'General Beer Discussion' started by The Stauff, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. The Stauff

    The Stauff Super Moderator

    So, who's tried the dopplebock called Lobotomy Bock? I picked up a sixer a few days ago. It has the right flavor profile, but it seems to be lacking. It definitely needs more body, but I can see myself drinking one or two every now and then.

    The only thing I'm wondering is if the 10.8% ABV on the bottle is true?! It sure doesn't taste like it has that much alcohol in it. It almost seems more like a sessionable ABV to me...
  2. DavidIsABeerSnob

    DavidIsABeerSnob New Member

    I wasn't a big fan... Like you, I felt it was lacking something...
  3. The Stauff

    The Stauff Super Moderator

    It's kinda like someone took a Weihenstephaner and added a couple cups of water to it! I won't be buying it again..
  4. BrewSauce

    BrewSauce Brewer of the Sauce

    the reviews arent that great for it and what you state seem to go along what the people on BA/RB think. Either way I like to taste things on my own so if I come across it one day ill give it a try.
  5. bubbypoppy

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    I visited the brewery a couple of years ago nice experience more information then I have gotten on most. I do enjoy. A lobotomy Bock occasionally