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interested in trading locals for your locals.

Discussion in 'Beer Trading' started by shaff01, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. tifosichris

    tifosichris New Member

    PA here. Let me know what you want :)
  2. GiraffeBrew

    GiraffeBrew Smuttynose Brewing Co.

    I live in New Hampshire and would be up for trading for most things west coast( Cali ). Shoot me a line.
  3. bramsey0021

    bramsey0021 New Member

    I live in Ohio valley region. I have good selection of many different beers. My cellar is as follows
    Better half
    Nugget nectar
    Hop back amber
    Yedi BA espresso
    UB grand reserve 17
    Many others.
    Shoot me some ideas
  4. AvgWhiteGuy

    AvgWhiteGuy @Beer_Fanatic

    If anyone is interested in Russian River, Lagunitas, Moylans, or Marin Brewing Co beers, let me know. I'm local to all those and can get what you want. Just let me know what you want in trade. As a side note I might still be able to get RRBC Beatification. I have a few bottles left and if the brewpub has more then I can do trades.
  5. DavidIsABeerSnob

    DavidIsABeerSnob New Member

    Pliny? Por favor?
  6. rola643

    rola643 Member

    What would it take to work a trade on a KBS?
  7. XianBrewer

    XianBrewer New Member

    West Virginia here. I can get you PBR, Miller, bud....wait.. never mind. I have family in PA, and visit Philly regularly, so I am able to get any of those beers. Ohio beers as well. Living in Costa Rica, so if you want to taste some good beers EXACTLY like miller and bud, let me know and I can smuggle them across the border.
  8. rgreene7

    rgreene7 New Member

    interested in trading ithaca beers or other NY beers for Wisconsin Belgian Red New Glarus or beers not sold in NY like russian river, etc.
  9. AvgWhiteGuy

    AvgWhiteGuy @Beer_Fanatic

    Sorry for the delay but I can do Pliny no problem. I can also get their Blind Pig IPA which is pretty damned good as well.

    As an aside I may be going to San Diego this weekend and will be getting growlers filled at many of the local breweries. If anyone has any requests just PM me between now and then and I'll see what I can do.
  10. BrewSauce

    BrewSauce Brewer of the Sauce

    I can trade some Cigar City IPAs and Terrapin IPAs if anyone has access to normal Surlys.
  11. y498yates

    y498yates Member

  12. BrewSauce

    BrewSauce Brewer of the Sauce

  13. SGFBeerBuzz

    SGFBeerBuzz New Member

    I'm in Springfield, Missouri, so I have access to a lot of larger regional brewers like Bell's, Deschutes, Odell's, and several others.

    I also have access to Mother's Brewing Company and Springfield Brewing Company.

    Mother's is up-and coming and growing fast.

    Springfield BrewCo is where Ashton Lewis is the brewmaster. Homebrewers know him as Mr. Wizard in BYO magazine and as the technical editor on literally dozens of homebrew books.

    Springfield BrewCo is undergoing a big change of late as Ashton and several friends bought the brewery from Mueller Steel, and now he's been let off his creativity leash. The beers that are coming out of their brewhouse now are worth being excited about.

    In addition, I may be able to get some Little Yeoman, but I don't think he bottles any more at all. Also, Piney River Brewing here makes a nice IPA and a Black Walnut Wheat you'd never see coming.

    There is also a meadery getting ready to open up here which will be making some hydromels in cans. I got to try their stuff on Saturday, and it is going to be great having that on a float trip.
  14. HappyHour

    HappyHour Diabolic Alcoholic

    I can get with ease just about any Silver City beer. Check out their website,, they've won multiple awards for all theirs beers. It's amazing.
  15. y498yates

    y498yates Member

    Yeti for Ithaca? Sold!
  16. LScully02

    LScully02 New Member

    Like HappyHour, I am also in Washington state near Seattle. Have close access to:
    Elysian (interesting flavored beers, great Apocalypse series that is bottled every month. Only available this year, limited)
    Lazy Boy
    American Brewing (good IPA)
    Foggy Noggin
    Redhook (although..they're everywhere.)
    Naked City (always have unique one-off beers)
    Two Beers (have an incredible ISA in cans)
    Diamond Knot
    Scuttlebutt (they bottle)
    Big Al
    Black Raven (La Petite Mort and Coco Jones are my faves, sometimes bottle but always sell out quickly)
    Hilliard's (in cans)
    Mac & Jack's (they don't bottle like some of these smaller breweries, would be a growler)
    Lantern (one guy, he bottles. Fantastic Pale Ale and Witbier)
    Pike Brewing (they bottle, just released 2012 Space Needle IPA)

    little farther away but accessible:
    Port Townsend
    Silver City (Fat scotch is great)
    Slippery Pig
    Der Blokken
    Boundary Bay (great Scotch)


    Let me know if you are interested via PM! Love trying out new breweries I can't get in Seattle/WA.
  17. janitorjerm

    janitorjerm New Member

    I live in Houston so I have access to most Texas beers.

    No Label
    Real Ale
    Saint Arnold
    Jester King
    Southern Star
    So on and so forth...
    I've gotten my hands on some maharaja from Avery brewing recently as well

    Looking for beers from 3floyds, Russian river, bells, firestone walker, etc

    Always up for a good trade
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2012
  18. skeezerpleezer

    skeezerpleezer Super Moderator

    I would trade you something for some Jester King. I am in GA, but have stuff from everywhere you listed.
  19. DavidIsABeerSnob

    DavidIsABeerSnob New Member

    If he won't, I'll be glad to trade a couple of the Jester King beers.
  20. ChangeTheGame

    ChangeTheGame New Member

    I'm on the NH/MA line, and have access to pretty much anything brewed in New England and some others that my wife's work gets. If anyone is looking for hard to find stuff from around here, let me know, and I may be able to make it happen. I'm "new" to the beer scene, and haven't sampled much outside of New England and New York stuff, but I'm always up for trying anything new (especially IPA and black IPA).