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In Search of These Caps...

Discussion in 'Beer Memorabilia' started by jermicyde, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. jermicyde

    jermicyde New Member

    Here are some of my most wanted caps. As always, if you know somebody with some stashes of bottle caps lying around....put them in touch with me. I'd love to get my paws on them.

    Shiner caps from the 1990s and older
    older Leini's caps
    Gravity Brewing Company
    St Stan's
    red or yellow Buzzard Bay
    Celis from 90's and older
    Seven Brides
    Eddie McStiff's
    older Weinhards
    Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout (orange cap)
    Arcade brewery
    Oddside Ales
    Jester King (with face on it)
    Frankenmuth (with dachshound on it)

    Just to name a few:eek:
  2. chuckrock

    chuckrock Active Member

    is the brooklyn dry irish stout the one they currently use? if so i shold be able to get that for you w/o issue.
  3. jermicyde

    jermicyde New Member

    Yeah, it's has the "B" logo on the cap, but it is orange. Shouldn't be, but it has proven hard for me to get in the South.

  4. jermicyde

    jermicyde New Member

    Also, if any of you are brewery owners or have personalized homebrew caps, I'd love to add them to the collection
  5. chuckrock

    chuckrock Active Member

    OK I will take a look next time I am shopping for brews. Brooklyn is everywhere here.
  6. unionrdr

    unionrdr wannabe author

    I have a zip lock full of caps,but no more than a year or two old on average. Also have Paulaner & Monterrey from Guatamala city,Guatamala. A couple of different colors from Sierra Nevada. Bunch of Leinenkugel's caps with the fancy art on them. A small number Of caps from Wernesgruner pils from Germany. Victory,Sam Adams,Franziskaner,Red Budweiser,Leini's nut brown they don't brew anymore too. Bag's reaching crytical mass at this point...
  7. jermicyde

    jermicyde New Member

    Whatcha planning on doing with them?
  8. unionrdr

    unionrdr wannabe author

    Not sure really. Just save the extras from 6'rs,12 packs,etc that don't wind up in my bottle collection. I've added more since then. Like from The Brew Kettle in Strongsville,Kona Brewing in Hawaii & Columbus Brewing. I figured sooner or later,somebody will want them for some artsy man cave/home bar thing or other?...
  9. Pasta_Fazool

    Pasta_Fazool Premium Member

    Anyone else save caps?

    Quite a few years back, I remember shipping a sizeable amount to a fellow member on this board. I think she may have even posted about it. I know she posted pictures of what she was doing with them. I'd saved more and she never came back here.

    Ended up saving them, eventually giving them to a friend who was going to use them for his bar top. He's used some of the duplicates for other things, but we're still working towards enough for completion of his bar top. (Incongruous to me that, as much as we all drink, we've not been able to find enough unique caps for him to complete it. Guess we'd better keep it up. And maybe stop the whole "in cans" purchases for a while. haha)
  10. broker

    broker New Member

    There can be very hard to find them, good luck !
  11. Boozehound

    Boozehound New Member

    I have been saving bottle caps for about 10 years wondering what im going to do with them. My roommate keeps trying to get me to toss 'em when we move and i have no idea why i want them but i save them. Anyway my fav beer for a time was henry weinhards so if you want the caps hit me up
  12. Angie

    Angie Administrator

    What about making a bathroom floor out of them and then pour floor epoxy over them to set them? I've seen pennies done in this manner.
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