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Heineken- Greatest Light Lager ever?

Discussion in 'General Beer Discussion' started by BeerMonger, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. BeerMonger

    BeerMonger New Member

    What do you guys think? Heineken takes the win in my onion.
  2. DoubleAught

    DoubleAught New Member

    It's a good Beer. I'm more into German Pilsners (lagers) but a Heineken goes down smooth as well.
  3. DavidIsABeerSnob

    DavidIsABeerSnob New Member

    Ill get hated on by this, but I love Keystone Light... Kind of goes against my "beer snobbishness" but I drank it when I was poor and it still has a special place in my heart.
  4. DoubleAught

    DoubleAught New Member

    eh, Keystone has it's place. I drank it when I was low on the funds as well. I think I drank an entire case of them one't do that now I'm sure.
  5. TxBrew

    TxBrew Administrator Staff Member

    I have a nostalgia for canned Modelo and water; so fishing, rafting I go canned Modelo which is a light lager I believe.
  6. chode1

    chode1 New Member

    Yuengling. BOOM!
  7. BeerEnthused

    BeerEnthused New Member

    For me, I only really drink light lager in things like drinking games. Haha so for the most part it doesn't really matter. But if I had to pick one as the best, I would probably just go a traditional route and say Natural Light. :eek:
  8. DoubleAught

    DoubleAught New Member

    Good as well! I can't get it here, but a buddy found one in his fridge after a party he had. He knows I appreciate beers I've never had and gave it to me. I really liked it!
  9. brewfun

    brewfun New Member


    Some other judges and I once got together and did a blind tasting of 15 or so National brands of American Lagers. The winner was PBR.
  10. BeerSnobTony

    BeerSnobTony New Member

    What are some examples of "light lagers" when I see that I think Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, etc.
  11. DoubleAught

    DoubleAught New Member

    Those are "extra" light lagers :D
  12. bernerbrau

    bernerbrau Post Count Challenged

  13. BeerMe82

    BeerMe82 New Member

    Personally, I think Hinnekin tastes like "Hiney". Ive always viewed it as mainstream comercial import pisswater. Many better choics out there. No offence to fans of it though.
  14. cheier

    cheier New Member

    As far as light lagers are concerned, I actually prefer Carlsberg to Heineken.
  15. Drama

    Drama New Member

    My go to "cheap" beer is PBR :)
  16. badsneaker

    badsneaker New Member

    Heineken has always been a bit skunky for my tastes. Although I hear fresh Heineken is great.
  17. rutherford420

    rutherford420 New Member

  18. blacklabel

    blacklabel New Member

    this! :D :D

    Same here, seems like every time I get one it's skunky....
  19. Karyyk

    Karyyk New Member

    I don't believe I've ever had one that didn't taste skunky to me. I'm guessing that's how it's supposed to taste and that my palate just isn't refined enough to appreciate it. Surely it's not as refined as that of my brother, who would drink nothing other than Southpaw before Heineken became a symbol of his improved status in the world.
  20. Rantingfury

    Rantingfury New Member

    I assaulted a pack of Sierra Nevada Summerfest lagers over the weekend. The nose was full of grass and citrus from the hops with a hint of sweet malt. A very nice crisp lager... Which I followed up with by drinking regular Millers.