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First Beer

Discussion in 'General Beer Discussion' started by TxBrew, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. horseblanket

    horseblanket sour guy

    It was probably a taste of my Dad's West Bend Lithia from West Bend, WI.. First beer I legally bought was probably a Miller High Life and I stuck with that for many years. Back then (the 70's), there was little real selection compared with today. Little did I know what great beers awaited me in the future. I remember how great it was to finally try a Guinness and how exotic it seemed at the time - still a great beer.
  2. the_Bird

    the_Bird New Member

    I'm sure I probably had a sip or two of my old man's Genny back when I was a wee one. The first beer I *really* remember, though... must have been third or fourth grade. Walking home from the bus stop, we found (miracle of miracles!) two full cans of Budweiser on the side of the road. Must have fallen out of the back of someone's pickup. We took them out in the woods behind the house, hid down in a hole underneath some trees, and drank about a half-beer each. Bleech.
  3. mdwmonster

    mdwmonster New Member

    The first beer I recall was a Pilsner at the Hoffbrau House in Munich when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I remember thinking it was terrible. What did I know.
  4. rico567

    rico567 New Member

    I'm sure it was a nip out of a bottle my Dad was drinking, and I'm also sure I was far too young to remember. Could have been Pabst, Falstaff, Stroh's....any one of half a dozen or eight brands.
  5. BrewSauce

    BrewSauce Brewer of the Sauce

    Growing up my dad would let me have a sip here and there when he was barbecuing and what not (he wasnt a big beer person and I never paid attention to what it was) but I think the first one I remember drinking was a 4 pack of Quilmes that I bought and drank on the beach in San Juan Puerto rico :)
  6. punkrockdave

    punkrockdave New Member

    You lucky guy, you grew up in a much better time for beer. Lol
  7. blacklabel

    blacklabel New Member

    Hmm my first beer, I believe was an Ice House at 15......I havnt had another one since. ROFL
  8. HopPhish

    HopPhish New Member

    Bud Light out of a party ball. My older brothers had a party one night when my parents were out. I thought it was gross so i spent the next couple of years drinkin Boones Farm and Mad Dog 20/20.:D
  9. bratrules1

    bratrules1 New Member

    Mine was Lucky Lager lol
  10. Morarmis

    Morarmis New Member

    First beer.

    My first ever beer was a Heineken, I thought it looked like it would taste better than Bud... I'm not sure I was wrong, but it still didn't taste good!

    My first good beer was The Troegenator. I still love it to this day and like to drink it out of a bottle from time to time, to recapture the memory.
  11. bernerbrau

    bernerbrau Post Count Challenged

    Milwaukee's Best.

    I was 19, I had 2 cans, and I was stumbling around and acting like an idiot for several hours. There is no way I was actually drunk; I think I was faking it to try and fit in.
  12. Karyyk

    Karyyk New Member

    The first beer that I remember was a Guinness (a rather skunky one too...turned me away from drinking for a couple of years). I drank a couple before that (probably Busch Light, but I can't say for sure), but none made much of an impact.
  13. dlbowdoin

    dlbowdoin New Member

    1966 - Schlitz in a can prior to "Pop Top's". Thank god someone had invented the can opener.
  14. jlb307

    jlb307 He who rocks the casbah!


    8 years old, and swiped it from the fridge!
  15. platonicsolid

    platonicsolid Regular

    Coors Light. My dad's favorite beer, which he let me try when I was growing up. ...I thought I hated beer for the longest time.
  16. BeerChick

    BeerChick Beer Chick

    Guiness and I never looked back!
  17. Alelager

    Alelager New Member

    Olympia, at seven years of age! I learned early how much your head could hurt! :eek:
  18. Smurfe

    Smurfe Pale Ale QA Associate

    Probably Schlitz. It had to be Schlitz. That is what the old man drank when I was a kid. Then it was Busch. I remember my first "craft beer" was Shoenling Little Kings Cream Ale around 1976 or so when I was in high school.
  19. dannypo

    dannypo New Member

    It was probably Michelob. My dads favorite beer until I taught him better. Now his favorite is Founders Backwoods Bastard.