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Favorite Local Beer

Discussion in 'South Central USA' started by funetical, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. funetical

    funetical New Member

    Texas is home to a lot of great beers.

    The river demands Lone Star, wedding and special occasions always seem to have Shiner.

    What's your local favorite? We have to have more than just these two in Texas.
  2. DavidIsABeerSnob

    DavidIsABeerSnob New Member

    Austin has a half dozen or so breweries. Austin Beerworks, Jester King, (512), Thirsty Planet, Independence, and on and on... ALL are amazing!
  3. funetical

    funetical New Member

    I need to do a brewery tour next time I'm in town.
  4. Old_Grumps

    Old_Grumps New Member

    Rahr is located in Fort Worth, they also have some great beers, and it sounds like a couple more breweries are opening, Peticolas in Dallas and another in Denton, the name escapes me at the moment though...
  5. Old_Grumps

    Old_Grumps New Member

    Oh, forgot to mention Franconia in McKinney, they distribute to local pubs and restaurants too, their Dunkel and Winter Wheat are top notch, haven't had a chance to try their Maibock, but thinking of hitting a tour this weekend, 11:00 am every Saturday. Rahr also has tours Wednesdays and Saturdays, you should check it out...:)
  6. Smurfe

    Smurfe Pale Ale QA Associate

  7. julioardz

    julioardz New Member

    Many of my favorite beers are from Texas, and more specifically, Austin. Live Oak Hefeweizen, Live Oak Big Bark (amber lager), 512 IPA, and Austin Beer Works Fire Eagle IPA are my favorite beers for their respective styles. Southern Star's Bombshell Blonde and Buried Hatchet (American stout) are awesome beers too. Real Ale has varios good beers, Firemans #4 being one of their more popular ones.
  8. bubbypoppy

    bubbypoppy Member

    I like all of Rahr And sons but their winter warmer is my favorite beer on the planet so far
  9. blacklabel

    blacklabel New Member

    We have 2 brewpubs in Tallahassee now, and I havnt been to either of them yet...

    1. MoMo's Pizza and Brew Pub, I know the brewers there they own the LHBS right next door, great people!
    2. Proof Brewing Co. was a bar for a long time in "collage town" and within the past month they are brewing their own now.

    I need to check them both out...
  10. wpbumgarner

    wpbumgarner Senior Member

    Here in N.C. My local favorites are Roth's Dunkelweizen, Foothills Hefe, and Duck Rabbit's Hoppy Bunny
  11. Ed.A

    Ed.A Active Member

    Listing...I give up, a new one is popping up every week here in Connecticut

    Not saying they're not worthy, but ...well ...nevermind.
  12. NotoriousHOP

    NotoriousHOP Brewer at Busted Sandal

    Freetail Brewing here in San Antonio recently had a collaboration event with Real Ale Brewing out of Blanco, TX. Freetail had a fantastic sour called Porto Gallito (the Porto was because it was aged in Port barrels) and Real Ale had their Wee Heavy fermented with wild yeast to make their Scots Gone Wild. Both were amazing.
  13. BrewHeads

    BrewHeads Vendor

    Have alot. But gotta give it to SanTan Brewing Co.'s HopShock IPA. Based out of Chandler AZ. It's a great session IPA.


    It's always in my fridge. Sleepy Dogs milk stout called Wet Snout is amazing too.
  14. gseward1

    gseward1 New Member

    Big Texas Blonde by Texas Big Beer Brewery