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ISO belgium trappist

Discussion in 'Beer Trading' started by belgiumtrade, May 30, 2015.

  1. belgiumtrade

    belgiumtrade New Member

    anyone interested in a deal ?</SPAN>
    send 6 bottles spencer trappist to me in Belgium, and I'll send you 6 different bottles Belgian trappist back</SPAN>
    Greetings, johan</SPAN>
  2. skeezerpleezer

    skeezerpleezer Super Moderator

    How about Belgian Lambics :).

    Do you have an APO shipping address? Otherwise it would probably cost 3-5x more to ship the beer than what the beers cost.
  3. belgiumtrade

    belgiumtrade New Member

    kriek ? , geuze ? no problem :))
    I know it's expensive to send, so be it
    I live just once, and in my last shirt are no pockets
  4. sj3324

    sj3324 Super Moderator

    Dont tempt @skeezerpleezer. He might just fly over there and do an in person trade.
    He is probably looking for all of your Cantillon and Drie Fonteinen.
  5. jar-trappist

    jar-trappist New Member

    I live in Chicago, USA. I have many bottles in my wine cellar of Spencer Trappist in 750cl and 330cl. I love their beer; the nose on this trappist is unlike its other trappist counterparts (Belgium, Austria or Holland).

    I'll actually be in Amsterdam and Germany in the next two weeks. I already had planned to visit Brussels for a one-day beer shopping trip on Saturday, October 24th. I'll will be around the Grande Place most of the day. Definitely spending a couple of hours in Delirium.

    Two weeks ago when I was there, I bought the Black Albert Cuvee Delphine 2012 (De Struise Brouwers) and eighteen bottles of Westvleteren XII in Brussels.

    I was already planning on taking a couple of Spencer's to Brussels to share with some locals. No worries if you cannot outsource any of the beers below, I will still bring a couple of Spencers to drink with you if we actually meet.

    I'm interested on trading as many Spencer Trappists as you would like for the following (using actual cost for our beers to determine trade):

    Trappist Westvleteren XII
    Trappist Westvleteren Blond
    Trappist Westvleteren 8
    Black Albert
    Black Albert Batch '0'
    Black Albert on Steroids - BAOS
    Black Damnation Blackberry Albert
    Black Damnation I
    Black Damnation III - Black Mes
    Black Damnation II - Mocha Bomb
    Black Damnation IV - Coffee Club
    Black Damnation V - Double Black
    Black Damnation VIII S.H.I.T.
    Black Damnation XII aka Nuptiale
    Black Damnation XI - Special Kay
    Cuvee Delphine on Steroids - aka Pablo Eiscobar (C-DOS)
  6. skeezerpleezer

    skeezerpleezer Super Moderator

    Swing by Cantillon and Grab some Fou Founes and I will trade you some Westy XII when you get back to the U.S.
  7. jar-trappist

    jar-trappist New Member

    Great minds think alike! I already had plans to visit Cantillon. I love Lambics and smoked beers. I'm currently sipping a BFM's Biere Ambre Perfumee au Tarry Suchong.

    If I managed to get to Cantillon, I should be able to take care of you. I'll let you know if things work out. Is the Fou' Foune the only Cantillon beer that you're interested?
  8. skeezerpleezer

    skeezerpleezer Super Moderator

    Nice! I like that place, and Belgium in general. I'd be interested in Lou Pepe Frambouse also, they should still have that.

    I have this also if interested. It's a 2012, I enjoyed it quite a bit:
    ImageUploadedByBeer Forum1444414476.425251.jpg

    Have a lot of other stuff also.
  9. jar-trappist

    jar-trappist New Member

    No worries: if I'm successful in buying some Cantillon, I'm sure we'll find a way to settle via trade. At the very least, we could perhaps organize some baby killing of these beauties.

    Not sure why I asked, I should have known that you wanted some grandpas. They were already on my list to seek them out.

    While in Grande Place, I will also be in the look-out for any of the 3F's: Drie Fonteinen's Oude Kriek, Oude Geuze, and Vintage (yellow labels). Not too optimistic about finding them around Grande Place, but I'll try. Any idea where to find them in Brussels Grande Place other than driving to Beersel?
  10. skeezerpleezer

    skeezerpleezer Super Moderator

    Bier Planet had a lot of good stuff and is in the area. Bier Tempel also.

    Moeder lambic prob had them for on site consumption.
  11. jar-trappist

    jar-trappist New Member

    Yesterday, I finally came back from Brussels. To no avail, I visited the six biggest beer shops in Brussels searching for the Cantillon beers that we discussed, including beer planet, beer mania, bier Tempel, caprices, malting pot, etc. Cantillon Brewery only had the kriek, geuze and 100% organic available.

    I did manage to taste the following bottles at the brewery: carignan, Fou' Foune, zwanze 2015, 2012 and 2013. Awesome experience tasting these beers at such an early stage of development.

    If I ever learn how to attach pictures, I will post the eye candy of the bottles.
  12. jar-trappist

    jar-trappist New Member

    On the bright side of things, I did manage to bring in around 48 Belgian beer bottles with me in the airplane, half of those being 0.750s. One of the advantages of being able to carry two check-in bags at 70 pounds each. Surprisingly US customs didn't seem to care how much beer I was bringing; they never asked me about quantities after I reported that brought beer.

    Once I learn how to post pictures I will display them. I bought around 18 bottles of Black Albert, 8 bottles of 3F beers, and one bottle each of the Cantillon beers that I did not get to taste at the Brewery.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
  13. skeezerpleezer

    skeezerpleezer Super Moderator

    Sounds like a nice haul! If you are on the app. You click the + symbol, then there will be 4 icons on the bottom. The camera lets you take a picture, the second one lets you select a picture on your phone.
  14. jar-trappist

    jar-trappist New Member

    Here are the pictures of the tasting at Cantillon:

    ImageUploadedByBeer Forum1445959859.256212.jpg ImageUploadedByBeer Forum1445959897.769937.jpg ImageUploadedByBeer Forum1445959920.703825.jpg
  15. jar-trappist

    jar-trappist New Member

    Here's a picture of me (green shirt) with two Italian friends which I met at Cantillon. We literally decided after the brewery tour to organize the impromptu tasting.
    ImageUploadedByBeer Forum1445960159.920989.jpg
  16. jar-trappist

    jar-trappist New Member

    Favorites were the Swanze 2012 and Fou' Foune.

    ImageUploadedByBeer Forum1445960335.920414.jpg
  17. skeezerpleezer

    skeezerpleezer Super Moderator

    I'll be doing something similar in 2 weeks, can't wait!