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Beer Signs

Discussion in 'Beer Memorabilia' started by DavidIsABeerSnob, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Aquaman

    Aquaman Untappd: Aquaman68

    I'd like to see some as well. They are hard to find!!
  2. horseblanket

    horseblanket sour guy

    Old neon from West Bend Lithia out of Wisconsin

    Thought I'd post a couple signs that I managed to pick up on Ebay a while back from the brewery that my Dad actually worked at back in the 30's. Not sure when this one was made but I'm thinking the 40's - 50's range? The brewery was closed back in 1972 and the building is still there but with a couple businesses in it now.

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  3. horseblanket

    horseblanket sour guy

    Old Timer's back bar sign from West Bend Lithia Co.

    Here's the other one that is in pretty primo condition from the same brewery. I like to collect breweriana from the West Bend Lithia Co. which was in the city I grew up in and the brewery that my Dad worked at in the Bottling Room. I have his collection of old beer labels, some of which I have never seen on Ebay yet.

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  4. BrewskyBrothers

    BrewskyBrothers New Member

    This is a sign we picked up not too long ago, it's a classic Miller beer light. Surprised it still works, but we're glad it does!


  5. ChefBeer

    ChefBeer New Member

    I still have a small Guinness sign I bought (overpriced) in Ireland several years ago. I think it's in a box in my closet. One day, maybe I'll have a room to hang it in again.
  6. amgreene

    amgreene Premium Member

    Don't get any cooler than that!
  7. horseblanket

    horseblanket sour guy

    Latest from Belgium!

    It has been awhile since I posted a sign so here is a recent one I managed to acquire. From the world's oldest lambic brewery - Timmermans!

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  8. Quickscribbles

    Quickscribbles New Member

    [ame=""]2 Classic 1950's Mr Magoo Animated Stag Beer Commercials[/ame]
  9. amgreene

    amgreene Premium Member

    Nice Crown neon, that's my choice when i don't drink beer.
  10. amgreene

    amgreene Premium Member

    My neighbor has one similar to that with a white and black guy in it, i'll get a pic next time i'm up there.
  11. redkeg

    redkeg New Member

    a gueuze sign

    horseblanket -
    Nice gueuze signs! I especially like the Chateau d'or.
    Here is one I have had in my collection for a while. It is stamped metal.

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  12. redkeg

    redkeg New Member

    Here's another one. I really like the old signs that show a bottle in a basket.

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  13. skeezerpleezer

    skeezerpleezer Super Moderator

    Which Beer????
  14. MES10

    MES10 New Member

    I really like this one!
  15. horseblanket

    horseblanket sour guy

    Redkeg, been gone awhile. I have one just like it, the DeCoster-Heymans embossed tin of the brewery dating to the 30's. It's definitely one of my favorites. I have more signs and other lambic breweriana posted on a Facebook group I started some time ago. LAMBIC LOVERS is for anyone interested in lambic and sour beers with around 80 people from around the world, including Jean Van Roy from Cantillon. Request to join and I'll include you.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2013
  16. horseblanket

    horseblanket sour guy

    Redkeg, I have seen the Ph. Van den Stock one before and tried to get one. So far no luck. I agree that signs showing a bottle in a basket or even a glass of gueuze are some of the more interesting ones.
  17. redkeg

    redkeg New Member

    horseblanket -
    I have been away a while also. I would like to join your LAMBIC LOVERS group.
    I will also try to put up a few new signs I acquired since my last post.
    regards -
  18. horseblanket

    horseblanket sour guy

    Gueuze Couronne from 1961

    Nice large porcelain enamel on steel one recently acquired.

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  19. jroy1082

    jroy1082 Member

    A sign I bought a couple years ago, made in 1988.