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Beer caps

Discussion in 'Beer Memorabilia' started by jermicyde, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. jermicyde

    jermicyde New Member

    If anyone has any stashes of beer caps they want to get rid of, I'd love to take them off of your hands. If you have any interest in trading caps or trading your caps for other swag, contact me and we'll see what we can do.

    I'm interested in digging through whatever caps that you have (even macros:eek:)

    I'm in the process of going through over 10,000 different caps and getting them ready to be displayed by a magnet on a large pieces of wall-mounted sheet metal.

    Thanks- Jerm
  2. NordeastBrewer77

    NordeastBrewer77 32nd Degree Beer Wolf

    I do the same thing with my caps on my kegerator. I have a couple hundred I'm about to go through (soon) and I can set aside any doubles, triples, etc for you. I'll post back here when I do.
  3. jermicyde

    jermicyde New Member

    That sounds great! Thanks so much!
  4. BessLane

    BessLane Premium Member

    I'm in the process of using caps to create a new bartop and new tables tops for my beer bar. That being said, when I'm done, I'll be happy to send you what I have left. (Mostly macros to be sure, but you're welcome to them)
  5. jermicyde

    jermicyde New Member

    Sure! I'd appreciate it. As a side note, all caps that I don't use either get traded out for others I need or used on some upcycled/recycled project. They never see a landfill. Thanks!
  6. unionrdr

    unionrdr wannabe author

    I've got a zip lock bag of'em reaching crytical mass. From around the US,Ohio,Germany,Australia,Guatemala,Hawaii,etc. Not perfectly flat though. I need a better opener.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2014
  7. jermicyde

    jermicyde New Member

    Are you saving them or wanting to get rid of them? If you are wanting to get rid of them, I'd love to get them! :D
  8. unionrdr

    unionrdr wannabe author

    They're yours if you want them. They'll probably fit in a USPS VHS tape box. On the other hand,I do have some small boxes left & plenty of packing materials. PM your address,dude! It's Christmas! *Shipped out a ton of caps at lunch time,Enjoy!
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2014
  9. BrandenBA

    BrandenBA New Member

    I might have some for you. Not a ton, but my bottle opener doesn't bend them, so they're in good shape.
  10. unionrdr

    unionrdr wannabe author

    I got the package of beer coasters from jermicyde for the caps I sent. Cool coasters. I'll have to get a pic later. I'm going to frame them to put on the wall in the ol' man cave.
  11. BrandenBA

    BrandenBA New Member

    I use a classic beer can opener. The only imperfection is a small dot where the point presses down. No bend at all. ImageUploadedByBeer Forum1396970355.252000.jpg

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