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Beer Bottles Collection

Discussion in 'Beer Memorabilia' started by beercool, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. beercool

    beercool New Member

  2. stoutsipper

    stoutsipper Active Member

  3. The Stauff

    The Stauff Super Moderator

    I would do this if I had room. I have a hard enough time storing my empties for homebrew as it is, though. I do have a very small (maybe 30) collection of empty cans.
  4. BeerGoogler

    BeerGoogler New Member

    I used Untappd to catalog my distinct beers. I do, however, throw a magnet on the back of any new cap and stick it on my Kegerator. Obviously, many brewery's either use blank caps, or they use the same cap on every variety they make, which reduces the number that I can collect...but fridge is only so big, right? My avatar shows an old picture of my kegerator so you can see some of the caps on there already to get the point of what I'm saying. I've a couple hundred more to put on there the next time I have some free time.
  5. The Stauff

    The Stauff Super Moderator

    I do the same thing with caps.
  6. Ariza*Poet

    Ariza*Poet Active Member

    I have a small place for some memorable bottles/cans. its pretty much filled up so pretty soon I'll be throwin some out and puttin in better ones. Its mainly for special/limited release beers or just REALLY good ones.
    Beers like Oskar Blue's Ten Fidy will always have a place there
  7. unionrdr

    unionrdr wannabe author

    I clean the bottles out & dry'em on the bottle tree with labeling,etc intact. Including caps. Limited releases as well in their 6 pack holders. Some cans too. I really need some shelves around the room about head level to see'em all. Here's a couple pics anyway...

    Can't be seen is the 2011 & 2012 Fade to Black 6 pack holders with bottles,& some tall cans,regular cans & a bunch of other bottles.
  8. unionrdr

    unionrdr wannabe author

    Bottle collection,part 2...this screwy thing tells me I'm posting 8 images when I'm only posting 4...WTF??
  9. unionrdr

    unionrdr wannabe author

  10. BeerGoogler

    BeerGoogler New Member

    Man...admirable collection there, but I'd have no place to put my actual living stuff if I saved all of the distinct chit I drink. I do keep the caps though.
  11. Ed.A

    Ed.A Active Member

    Kinda surprised at the New England cans displayed from a Ohio poster...nice.
  12. unionrdr

    unionrdr wannabe author

    I got those from Remmy in a trade he sent me. I have a ton of caps as well. I've added to my bottle collection,but need some serious shelving to show'em all. I'll be adding bottles from these as well. I was surprised to find them at Super Walmart.
    Also from New Belgium,Fat tire & Ranger IPA. Here's a shot of two more added with the ranger...
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2014
  13. Shiner13

    Shiner13 Member

    My bottle collection. All empties that I have tried.

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