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Default The Bitter Truth

Hi All. I've posted a few times, but I should introduce myself. I'll add my beer history to the others.

1976: Cocky teenager. Stole some of Dad's Lucky Lager, shared it with friends. Got caught & punished severely. Totally worth it.
1977: Got better at stealing Dad's beer. Lucky Lager never got better.
1978: First tried fermenting apple juice. Horrid.
1983: Turned 21. First taste of Anchor Steam. Oh, man!
1987: First taste of homebrewed beer. It was good!
1988: Made first batch of Homebrew. It was horrid. So was batch two and three.
1989: Met other brewers. Decided to make more, with their guidance. It was good!
1992: First took BJCP exam. Passed.
1994: Thought, "I want to sell my beer." Got partners and contract brewed. 36 accounts. It was awesome.
2000: Figured out that hauling kegs to all those accounts was really exhausting. Company went on hiatus.
2002: Figured out that brew bug had not left my blood. Left a long career in TV/Radio engineering to be a full-time brewer.
2008: Passed BJCP exam with Master Score. Proceeded to gain one Master rank a year, since. Fastest rise in BJCP history.
2009: Became one of the first 40 Certified Cicerones.
Present: Live & Brew in Santa Barbara. It's all good!

I've tasted my share of rare, unusual and truly great beers. I've also had plenty of foul and highly questionable beers. Professionally, I've had my beers praised as the best they've ever tasted, and harshly criticized.

Whatever, I'm still here. Now, I just like sharing my experience.

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Awesome! I'll be picking your brain.
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